My Scubadogs Bowyering ventures

These all left and some should have stayed.  Many were refinished unless it was better to keep it as it was, from minor adjustments and cleaning to complete stripping down. Fun Fun Fun  This is still a work in progress.




Ben Pearson Pinto




Martin Rebel 1



Martin Jaguar



Cabalas Ranger by Fleetwood Archery




PSE Stalker




1967 Bear Tamerlane




1967 Bear Littlebear




1971 Browning Cobra II




Groves Spitfire Hunter




Damon Howatt Cavalier




1968 Shakespeare Yukon X24




Hoyt/Easton Hunt Master




Martin Rebel



Martin Takedown



Ben Pearson Hickory Hunting Bow 503-1




1960's Boy Scout Official Long bow



Brown fiberglass bow



1966-67 Browning Explorer




Sabo Hunter



1969 Ben Pearson BP-H90



1955 Bear Cub




York FL56




1966 Root Pendulus Supreme



1969-70 AMF Wing Chaparral




Ben Pearson Pony 958



1962-71 Indian Archery Savage 263







L.E Stemmler Co. Longbow




1974 Browning Explorer II




Ben Pearson Flame Hunter 7160




Ben Pearson 7330 Signature takedown



1977 Browning Apollo




1954-58 Ben Pearson 302 takedown



Ben Pearson Colt 707




1973-80 Bear Archery Grizzly




Herters Presentation Sambar Hunter





Hoyt FX Fast X-act




Groves Flame Hunter




1974 Browning Wasp




Unknown Maker not marked




Pounds Powermaster X5




Unknown Maker




Hoyt Pro Medialist




Herters Internat. Match hunter




Eicholtz Venus




Stemmler Varsity II



AMF Wing Chaparral




Unknown maker white bow




Unknown Maker





Black Hawk Scorpion




1973 Shakespeare Shim-Bo




Outers Fleetwood




1973-77 Bear Archery Grizzly




1955 Bear Archery Cub




1968 Bear Archery Tigercat




U.S. Archery Co. All American




PSE Kingfisher




1961 Gorden Plastic Inc The Jester




  Get some surface time while you wait for more pics!