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Scuba Luke Likes to practice the crab crawl


Practicing buoyancy control: lukeswi1.jpg (26517 bytes)lukeswi0.jpg (24243 bytes)  Just Having Fun!

  During a scuba river drift:  lukeswi2.jpg (18063 bytes)


My Cat

This is a picture of Blizzard on my 9th birthday, I got him as a pet.

My Brothers and Me

From left to right, Max, Kurt, Josh (on my lap) and Nick

Vacation at Lake Cachuma

This is my dad, brothers and me roasting marshmellows, yum!

Halloween 2004

I am the skull gladiator, from left to right Nick with the sword, Josh next to me and Kurt is a Bionical. Max was at the Raider game with PaPa.

The Waterfall

We can't ever stop climbing, so it was a perfect time for a family picture.

Mammoth 2004

This is me in red, Nick with yellow and Max in blue at the top of 22!

Christmas 2005

Me in front the Christmas Tree, was I naught or nice??

My 9th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to me.....

I'm a medalist

This is my first medal in track.

Our Cats

Smokey the black on is my brother Max's cat. Blizzards about to pounce. MEOW....

Me and Josh in Tahoe

This is me and Josh sitting on a rock at the Emerald Bay outlook in Tahoe.